Content Marketing

To create the content strategy and the content in various formats is a significant skill. But to convert the created content into a marketing tool, to make it achieve the content marketing mission requires a high-level of competence in digital marketing, full knowledge of brand assets and a holistic approach to integrate all of them with each other in a excellent curation.

1. 360° Integration

For us, creation is inherently led by integration. We enhance the value created via content with target customized media utilization.
The formula is obvious: we match DNAs of content and media, then multiply conjunctively.

2. Customized Curation

For MigrosTV established in 2012 as the biggest ’brand owned’ media in TR and a pioneer platform with an extensive content pool, going a step further and integrating content with CRM data, contents created for various customer segments have been screening based on their their consumption behavior via the brand’s loyalty card system Money, upon logging in the platform.

3. Driving Result: Purchasing Action

The key element of relating content and purchasing is well defined in MigrosTV. Providing a smart contextual and technical connection, content platform starts to generate an additional measurable revenue source.

4. Interactive Rich Media Creation: Shoppable Content Catalogues

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