Affiliate Marketing Platform:

Affiliate Marketing is a model in which third-party publishers, affiliates, get commissions for generating traffic, leads to company’s products/services, and sales, by promoting them via their own media.

By increasing use of social media, being a performance oriented model providing flexible cost control, and resulting in both brands’ and affiliates’ gain, affiliate marketing comes out to be an effective advertising model highly preferred by brands, ranking at the tops of many marketing plans.

Developing a unique approach and structure, we build and manage ‘affiliate communities’ for brands. What is unique?

  1. Special to brand.
    Without being under any umbrella platform.
  2. We build and manage community.
    All researches show that the interaction rates of micro-influencers are way much more than macro-influencers.*. By building special to brand micro-influencer, affiliate communities through the brands’ real own customers, we create and manage a sustainable sales channel.
  3. Social responsibility for sustainability
    With the awareness of importance of sustainability for sales, we develop projects to increase the brands’communication with micro-influencers. We provide brand not only a merely sales-oriented affiliate community but also brand ambassadors, equipped with brand’s social responsibility approach.
  4. We pay sales commission in cash.
    We pay cash commission to affiliates different from ordinary affiliate models in which affiliates gain brand gift card or discount. We manage all allowance and payment process.
  5. Ready made infrastructure, easy use.
    Platform is ready to integrate with brands’ e-commerce platforms and has the ability to activate in a few weeks. Influencers can reach sales price, commission rate and all supportive textual and visual communication material for each product vie the platform. They can publish and track process easily by their unique links defined for their social media accounts, and access their sales through the payment screen.

Karaca Club is a brand community program based on affiliate platform, designed specifically for the Karaca brand, providing cash income to its members.

Foiegras New Media has provided a turn-key solution for the establishment:

  • Technical infrastructure, our readymade affiliate software has been integrated to Karaca e-commerce platform.
  • ‘Karaca Club’ formation strategy and growth strategy have been designed working closely with the brand team.
  • All the online – offline marketing activities have been planned and executed, including 1-2-1 calls with prospective members, organizing members get-togethers.
  • Loyalty approaches to increase the individual sales have been designed and implemented to the program (Gold, silver levels)
  • Monthly sales follow up and progress payments are managed in all means, along with the customer relations.

* Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2021