We identify the lifestyle areas brands need to possess and create
a specially designed strategy and a strategically curated,
brand-customized ‘content ecosystem’.


Established in 2012, the biggest ’brand owned’ media in TR, MigrosTV is a pioneer content platform with an extensive pool.
Aim was extending the relationship between the brand Migros and consumers beyond the store, the point of purchase decision, and  providing an inspirational content offering in addition and related to extensive product offerings.
Current situation is that with more than 5000 videos and 7000 blog contents and millions reach, platform is an extensive media.

Including Migros Türkiye Youtube channel, MigrosTV feeds not only all of the brand’s social media but also offline digital media in stores.
Broadcasting in parallel to the brand communication strategy on a daily basis is a crucial part of brand’s integrated marketing communication success.


Hillside aimed to strenghten its pioneer position in the leisure industry by creating its own media. Positioning Instagram as its main channel, HillsideNOW is a pioneer digital media with a daily circulation, curating new&upcoming “in the know” topics in fashion, design, technology, travel, f&b and music, and shooting short video interviews with celebrities and influencers fitting brand audience upon their lifestyles and professions..