The agency has expertise in sectors such as retail, food&beverages,
consumer durables, consumer goods, hospitality and telecommunications working with the leading companies such as Migros,
Macrocenter (and numerous FMCG brands, suppliers of Migros and Macrocenter),
Money Club Loyalty (Migros Women Community Club), Alarko Hillside, Arçelik, Beko, Caffè Nero, and some significant opinion leaders’ Youtube channels; for both creating new digital content channels or managing present ones by integrating client’s online-offline assets to the max via a smart use of creative content, digital technologies and out of the box mindset for a sustainable marketing path.
by integrating the client’s other online-offline assets by glueing with creative content for a sustainable marketing path. Furthermore, the agency works for boutique, premium creative content projects, value added with digital aspects.

Our services covers all aspects of content marketing and social media marketing and starts with determining the content strategy
according to the agreed marketing (and/or sales) objectives of our client,
planning the integration with digital marketing platforms, social media channels, CRM channels,
all within the inbound marketing principles, best UX results ending up with real,
sustainable, value-added, interactive digital marketing success.

‘Content Marketing’ for us is not just creating nice content about a product,
but designing a story around the product by using words, video, audio, interaction; leading the customer to let the product
to touch his life frequently, not for a one-shot campaign.