Migros ‘İyi Gelecek Ambassadors’

We have established and have been managing İyi Gelecek Ambassadors (İGE), a digital platform which was launched in 2016, to enhance the interaction between Migros and the target women audience, aiming at adding value to the lives of the members in various means.

In other words, it is the Migros Women’s Club.

Our role with a holistic approach including setting up the strategy, project infrastructure, software development & maintenance, leading the club’s communication planning and sustaining.

An Affiliate Program designed upon a smart win-win base.

Each member is assigned daily ‘missions’ all set in parallel to the brand’s communication plan. The missions are in accordance with their membership levels, such like sharing contents with given #s, completing surveys, commenting on videos with the numbers given and achieving their re-share targets, they collect points.

By the points turn out to price discounts, free products and ‘Money’ on the İGE catalogue, while providing support to their family budgets.

The aim of IGE is not limited to the budget support but also adding value to their personal lives; therefore we organize real life gatherings with various activities and activations such as workshops, talk events, coffee chats… as well as the digital activities such as focus groups, quizzes, gamifications like bingo, etc. while providing support for their personel development journeys.
We have been also offering employment opportunity to the members at store events, adding a lot to women’s economic freedom.

By January 2022, İyi Gelecek Ambassadors platform is proud to own more than 120.000 members.